July 29, 2014

Favourite Hawkeye moments (#1- #5)

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The Dixie Chicks are touring the US next year!



July 27, 2014


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i’m 100000% sure this isn’t a coincidence ok


See how we are excited for something like this? Marvel, pay attention. You’re missing out on a great opportunity for making a ton of money because you know who would like more fucking merch? Every girl that loves comics. Makeup and clothes and jewelry, cute bags, cups that don’t look like they’re made for little kids. We’d eat that shit up. 

Want to give me sweats with Cap’s shield on them or the bullseye logo from Hawkeye? You wanna stick the SHIELD logo on everything? Fuck yeah! More tank tops with classic Mavel characters? So down with that. Ohhh big comfy sweaters/sweatshirts? Hawkeye merch that isn’t the douchebro hoodie that I totally still want because the sleeves zip off and I’m fucking dying.  How about those character hoodies, but cut for ladies? And some shirts/shit which characters like Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Kate Bishop, etc.? 

If you made a makeup line based on Marvel comics/movies do you know how fast that shit would sell? Should I wear Iron Man or Black Widow red today on my lips? Oh hey, I should totes put on some Cap nail art. 

I’d kill for a Fraction Hawkeye travel mug or one of those plastic tumblers with straws that had the SHIELD logo. Any sort of Marvel accessory, really. How about those lanyards people wear to cons? If someone made one with bullseyes and arrows and Hawkguy phrases on it I’d be over it so fast your head would spin. 

Also someone please make a funk Marvel POP Hawkeye figurine. Pretty please. 

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July 28, 2014



This will blow your mind

Holy shit

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Utrecht, Netherlands


Utrecht, Netherlands

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July 27, 2014

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July 25, 2014


the reason i want to be with a man who’s taller than me is because in every other way i’m superior to him so let him have the height 

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The Sarah Jane Adventures Meme

» 01 quote

This quote is sitting above my desk for those days when I’m tired of trying to sort out my life for the next twenty  years. Today is one of those days, so I’m so glad to see this again.

I know, seriously this quote keeps me going some days when I just can’t… <3

This is important. This is very, very, very fucking important.

you never really know

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chris traeger is an inspiration

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